Despite over 30 years of research demonstrating its preventative and therapeutic benefits, exercise is still not widely applied in mainstream medicine. This emerging gap in modern medicine led to my realisation, that many people in our community are lacking this vital link, which can potentially help them achieve optimum health.

  • Focus on helping the ageing community manage their chronic disease

  • We aim to prevent the development of chronic diseases in younger people

  • Proven Results in delaying the onset of chronic illnesses

  • Our exercises are integrated into a multidisciplinary evaluation

  • Our exercises are tailored to suit your specific needs


Exercise, like medicine has a dose-related response. This means the type; intensity and how frequent you take it must be considered and monitored to have an optimal effect.


We are passionate about medicine through exercise. In fact, we know of no known medicine that can treat a range of chronic conditions simultaneously as exercise alone CAN.


Exercise not only makes you look and feel better, it is one of the strongest most powerful tools in combating the body’s natural decline associated with ageing.


Years caring patients that need our help

Patients living better thanks to us

Chronic conditions treated regularly


We are a mobile rehabilitation company that offers individualised exercise advice & programs to assist in your recovery and maintance of good health. Our difference is our ability to take the time to thoroughly work together and hear your health concerns, then providing you with a long-term effective solution.

Our mission is to provide the best treatment for our clients with a disease or condition known to be responsive to exercise.

At Optimum Medicine our staff have been carefully selected to deliver a standard of care our patients have come to expect. Individuals are treated with the utmost respect and care.


  • Do I need a referral ?

    A referral is not necessary to visit an exercise physiologist as a private patient, however it is common for EP’s to work closely with other medical and health professionals to develop a care plan for your health needs.

    If you have been referred by your GP under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan you may be eligible for Medicare Rebates. If you have private health insurance that covers Exercise Physiology (Extra Cover), you may be able to claim a rebate from your health insurance provider.

  • Will I feel sore after exercise ?

    For the first few weeks for your training you may experience some muscle soreness,often 24-48 hours after you have exercised. This is normal and is a part of the muscles’ adaptation process to the load you have placed on it. Talk to one of our professionals if you have any concerns.

  • What should I wear ?

    Comfortable, loose clothing with flat-soled shoes is appropriate for performing exercises. Women should wear shorts or long pants, as a skirt is inappropriate on some machines.

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